• US$ 300 Public and Academic Sector
  • US$ 400 Private Sector

Investment cost includes: Participation on the selected workshop, support materials, certification, refreshments and lunch.


There is a limited number of scholarships to subsidize half the cost of tuition, and in special cases the cost of tuition.

All workshops will be held simultaneously.

Currency: The nicaraguan official currency is the Córdoba (C$)

Exchange rate: US$ 1.00 = C$ 25 aprox.

To further information about exchange rate, visit:

Track 1: Wireless Networks

Training of participants in the use of tools and techniques for installing...

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Track 2: IPv6 Deployment

Following, a detailed description of the course which will be imparted as...

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Track 3: Network Management

Provide participants with a set of structured theoretical principles on...

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Track 4: Security Informatics

This track will provide the participants with an overview of the...

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Track 5: High Availability and Virtualization

Provide an overview to participants, for acquire theoretical and Practical bases...

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Track 6: Designing Campus Networks

The workshop will help participants to understand the basics on...

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Track 7: Wireless Sensor Networks

In this workshop we will present the use of various low-cost...

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Special thanks to the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the support given to WALC and EsLaRed through the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC).