Provide participants the tools and techniques to install, maintain and update wireless data networks with security levels comparable with wired networks.


Familiarity with basic networking technologies and TCP/IP.

Intended Audience

Network administrators wishing to add wireless capabilities to their network.
IIndividual wishing to install wireless networks.


Ermanno Pietrosemoli (ermanno@ula.ve)


Ermanno Pietrosemoli
Javier Triviño
Lergis Valero
Leonardo Uzcátegui
Leonardo González
José F. Torres Monzón.


Transmission System Fundamentals.
Electromagnetic Spectrum. Wave Propagation.
Power Budget. Antennas.
Wireless Data Networking Standards: 802.11 and WiFi, 802.16 and WiMax.
Radio Link Design .Site Survey considerations. Software for wireless
networks simulation. Low cost long distance wireless links.
Powering and grounding considerations. Solar Power
Securing Wireless Networks. Mesh Networks.
VoIP on wireless networks.

Case Study: Merida Sate Wireless Network


Hands-On Workshop where participants will configure equipment to attain the performance described in theory, will install several services in a wireless environment including VoIp and build low cost antenna as part of the general strategy of presenting open source and cost effective solutions.

Lab Work:
1) Wireless stations configuration
2) Antenna Building
3) Long Distance radio links
4) VoIp
5) Mesh Networks
6) Wireless Networks Security


 Maximum of 30 Participants.
40 hours.